Ready set and wait for 2 more days

Two more days to go  before Carrie and I leave on our trip. We packed all our bags and double checked everything. In spirit we are already at your destination. What else is there to do but go to work and wait. Below is a list we always take care of before we leave.

  1. Make sure your pets are taken care of. 
  2. Let somebody know where you are going and when you are back. Give them contact info where they can reach you.
  3. Check you can secure you home and all doors and windows lock properly
  4. Cancel deliveries. Unwanted elements look for this to see that your not home
  5. Remove things that spoil from your fridge and counters.. Coming back to a science experiment or a fruit fly party is no fun. 
  6. Do your dishes.

Let me know if you can think of some things I have overlooked.