Traveling by train from Vancouver to Seattle Airport

Amtrac Route

I find that traveling by train has something romantic about it. The Orient Express is what comes to mind. Sitting in a comfortable chair watching the world pass by, while the gentle sway of the train puts you in a relaxed state of mind.

We need to travel from Vancouver to the Seattle airport. We had 3 choices, Air, bus, or train. Air was a little out of our price range. The bus is just too uncomfortable, so we took the train. Amtrak has a service that runs from Vancouver BC all the way to Portland. We will get off at Tukwila WA and take a cab ride to the airport and cost us $17. After talking with one of the conductors on the train it would have been easier to get of in Seattle and take the light rail to the airport. This only costs $2 per person. 

Cost for two people is $142.00 and an extra $45 if you want extreme comfort in Business Class. They have WiFi and power outlets for your laptop or other devices. It’s about a 5 hour ride but well worth it if you are not in a hurry. It is not exactly the orient express but a very nice way to travel.