Newark to Bonaire.... A sleep depriving adventure

 Finaly in Bonaire

 Finaly in Bonaire

We are waiting in the Newark airport to get on the plane to Bonaire. For some reason it has to leave at 1159 pm. After a busy day in New York  we are tiered and want to go. After many hours there it is; our boarding call. 

Normally when you board a plane the flight crew welcomes you aboard. Not in this case. They ignored us. Suddenly they decided that people had to move faster and came on the intercom to tell us to hurry up. 

After the plane took off another friendly message from the crew explained we had to fill out custom forms.  She actual said "we don't have any pens and it is your responsibility to fill out the form" I love United :\.

I had difficulty sleeping. To excited and not enough room. The four and a half hours flew by "no pun intended". Exiting the plane was a dream, tired and exhausted but amazing. Passing through customs was a breeze. The warm tropical air hit me like warm inviting blanket. 

We took a ride in one of those little buses they have in all these places. To small and on its last legs. The driver speeding through narrow streets and almost killing a group of donkeys.  Carrie screamed making the whole bus breakout in laughs. Our room  was aircondisioned and our suitcases were there. Now it is time to sleep.