Swimming in an unending Aquarium

Red Beryl dive site

As I decent into the blue water a calm falls over me. You look around and all you see is coral with clouts of fish. It looks like each group of coral is its own little town. Fish dart in and out of their little holes.

Most of the dives in Bonaire are shore dives. You park your car on the side of the road near a yellow rock that marks a dive site. On the rock is the name on that dive site.

You put your gear together and walk into the surf. As you look over the blue water you see a line where the colour of blue changes from light to dark. This is where the reef starts. A short surface swim and of you go.

In the beginning it is just to much to comprehend. All this life swimming around like a free for all. After about 10 minutes you start to see the patterns of life and you regain focus and start to enjoy the dance of live.

Spotted TrunkFish

When the sun goes down suddenly the dive site takes on a whole different feel. All the little fish are hiding in the hope they will see the light of day again. As during the night the predators are out. They swim in our dive lights using us as a way to find their prey. 

Dives last an average of an hour plus. You don't need to go deep as most life is in the 30 feet 10 meter range. Take your time and move slowly. Distance is not the aim of the game. Keep your eyes wide open and let it all drip in.