Lizard Fever

Today we wend to the Slag Baai Washington National park in Bonaire to do some diving. The drive through the park was on dirt roads with goats lizzards and rimmed with cacti.

Carries lizard bite

The dive site we were aiming for was called Playa Funchi. The entry was crazy with large rolling waves. The dive was plagued with a strong current. It was a nice dive but with the entry and current I would not do it again.

We had a quick lunch. Cheese sandwiches with a coke. Suddenly out of nowhere we were surrounded by lizards. Little ones small ones. And they wanted our lunch. Carrie was teasing them with her finger and paid the ultimate price..

After we gave them some pieces of bread they calmed down. Then we saw the lizard king; a iguana. We names him Yub Nub.

We named him Yub Nub