Not always as advertised

Shrimp on an Anemone 

Bonaire has over 60 shore dive sites, All of them have a description, difficult level, and some more of that good stuff written down in guide books. You need this to make decisions on which dive you want to do.

Today we were at our first dive of the day and spoke to this couple from the US. We asked them what their favorite dive site was, as it looks they had been to Bonaire a couple of times. They said that their favourite site was named Windsock.

Their answer was surprising, as in the books it is described as a beginners site. In dive terms that means no life shallow but easy to get in and out. Our experience has thought us to believe experience over books when it comes to dive sites. So we drove to the site in question. 

At first glance it was as advertised. Easy entry, shallow and not allot of big fish. But when we looked closely we saw lots of macro life. Little shrimps everywhere, minuscule fish called blenny's sticking their heads out of the coral. We even found a lettuce slug and arrow head crabs. These are critters you can overlook easily because they are so small.   

The Moral of the story is to not always judge a dive by its description. Talk to people who have more experience then you about local diving.

Two Blenny' in a coral head