The last day in Bonaire :/

Attack of the donkeys :)

You always know that this happens. Every holiday comes to an end. As a responsible diver you always stop diving 24 hours before your plane ride. This means no diving on your last day. 

If you plan for this by leaving the sightseeing for last. We set out in the morning to see things that we had put on our wish list. First we stopped off at the donkey  sanctuary. Bonaire has a lot of wild donkeys. They just walk on the road as they please. The sanctuary catches them and gives the donkeys a safe place to roam. 

To tour the donkeys and interact with them is $7 per person and a $1 for a bag of carrots. As we drive through the gate the donkeys are expecting us and soon the car is surrounded by donkeys. Through every open window a donkey head is peering.  We feed them carrots. They are happy and we had a great time.

A Flamingo 

After this we are off to find flamingos.  We are of course in the wrong time of year so we drive aimless through the Washington Slag Baai park to find some flamingos. After about two hours we found 3 that were accessible for picture taking. 

Now we sit in the room weighing our suitcases. looking at our room charge bill with fear in our eyes. Tomorrow we have to be at the front desk at 4:30 in the morning as our plane leaves at 7 am. 

One thing I can say; I would come back here. It has been one of the best dive trips I did . Here at Buddy Dive they cater to divers. Their slogan is so true Eat Sleep Dive.