Bonaire Fun with the donkeys

Donkey noses in the window

If you have ever been on Bonaire you will have seen donkeys. There are many wild roaming donkeys on the Island. This is a problem as they cause many traffic accidents. To give the donkeys a better life and a safer place to live Marina Melis and her husband Ed Koopman started The Donkey Sanctuary.

The Donkey Sanctuary was created in 1993 and is still running without government subsidy. They solely rely on donations and sponsors.  Currently they have about 400 donkeys. If you go to their web site you can see how much good work they do. Your visit will help them as all proceeds go to helping those donkeys.

Having said all this, visiting was probably the most above water fun I had during the whole trip. When you drive into the sanctuary you are immediately surrounded by donkeys. Initially this is really intimidating having 4 donkey heads sticking through the car window. Multiply this times 4 makes for a really crazy situation.

I am the donkey queen

We bought a bag of carrots to feed them for 3 dollars. We all had so much fun feeding carrots to the donkeys. After we had almost no carrots left we drove slowly to a viewing tower. Here we got out, constantly being surrounded by an army of donkeys.  It reminded me a little of the walkers of the walking dead “minus the brain eating” TV show. You have to watch the video posted at the beginning of the article to see how much fun it is. I promise it will put a smile on your face.