What do I need to start off with Underwater videography

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I just finished off all my videos from my trip  to Bonaire and next week we are going on a trip to Port Hardy. As I am going through my video equipment I started pondering about all the stuff I have learned and if I would have done things different if I had known what I know now.

I remember the moment I decided that I wanted to do underwater videography. I started to look for information on the internet. Most articles on the web talk about complicated topics and expect you to know the basics. Even going to a newsgroup where people arguing about why their gear is better than the other guys. It is hard  to find the answer to the question "What do you need to know as a newby?"

This inspired me to write an article about the basics. Things I learned the hard way and how much money I wasted. Just click on this link if you want to read it. Even the more experienced videographer should take time to read it and maybe suggest thing to add.