Dive Trip To A Coldwater Paradise

Our next dive trip on the horizon is to Port Hardy. Port Hardy is a small town in British Columbia, Canada located on the north-eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Here you find the best cold water diving in the world. It is also the point where most dive operators in this area pick you up to take you to your dive adventure.

The dive areas are so remote that you either do the diving of a live aboard operation or a land based resort. The resorts are tucked away on small islands in this area. With the cold water temperatures, strong currents, and remote location you can find an abundance of life.  

Octopus Hunting, Port Hardy BC

It is hard to believe that you are not swimming over some tropical coral reef during your dives, with a water temperature averaging 8C you need more protection than your 3 mm neoprene wetsuit.  This is drysuit country. One of the most famous dives here is called Browning Wall. It is a wall dive that will blow your socks off. This wall is covered with all the goodness that underwater BC has to offer. The preferred depth range is between 10-20m or 30-60ft.

I have found more Wolf Eels, Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO), and Red Irish Lords in this area than anywhere else. During my last trip to Port Hardy I found 9 Wolf Eels, and 5 GPO’s. 

With Port Hardy being in a  remote location, most charter companies have only a minimal amount of spare and rental gear available.  You need to make sure all your equipment is in great working order. Double check you packed all your gear, and your save a dive kit is replenished.  Here is a link to an article I wrote on what to think about when creating a save a dive kit. 

Charter Companies in the Port Hardy area

Land Based Resorts

Liveaboard Charters