London Calling

As a treasure hunter I am always looking on TV for shows that spark my inner Indiana Jones. While flipping through the 999 channels I came across a really great show on History called Mud Men. Johnny Vaughan and "Mud God" Steve Brooker explore the banks of the Thames in London England, searching for historical artifacts laying exposed on the shores.

 Back in the 18th and 19th centuries the shores of the tidal Thames was treated like an a garbage dump, and many of the London's poor would search for treasures to sell that fell from the many boats and docks crowding the Thames. They were called Mudlarks.

 Nowadays, you can walk the shores in certain areas during low tides using an eyes only approach and find artifacts such as clay pipes and metal pins that people used before buttons were invented for their clothes. 

Ab and I taped the show, and every time I watched it I would get so excited at the amazing historical objects that they so easily found. I started to do research on Mudlarking Finds and was fascinated.

One afternoon Ab asked me if I wanted to go to London on my week off this June. My first response was Elaine from Seinfeld's "GET OUT" hahah. He said "do some research, lets see how much it would cost for you to go".  After two months of checking  airlines and hotels for specials, and researching all the touristy things to do and the ins and outs of Mudlarking on Thames, I found a package of flight and hotel for 1400$.  I also bought a permit to dig three inches into the soil and metal detect on the Thames in certain areas from the Port of London Authority, and ordered an Oyster card online for travelling the tube. London's Calling and I dream of Treasure :0

Check out this great blog about Mudlarking on the Thames.

Getting ready for Mudlarking on the Thames :0

Getting ready for Mudlarking on the Thames :0