The unholly flood, when your video housing leaks

 autopsy of a video camera 

Ask any underwater photographer or videographer what the worst thing that can happen to their equipment.  They will tell you a flood of their housing.  I have been using an underwater camera for over 7 years and have seen some major floods happen to other people’s equipment. I always tell people that you need to be mentally prepared for a flood. A flood is not a question if it is going to happen, it is a question when it is going to happen. If you can’t accept it you should not bring your camera under the water.

Underwater photographers or videographers are a breed to their own. Every evening before a dive you see them congregate in the temple of camera gear. Putting your camera in your housing before a dive is like a religious ritual. You scan the o-rings for dust, check that all clasps are firmly closed with the worry in your mind that one mistake will call on the unholyflood that will take your baby "your Camera" away.

Last year I was on one of my dive trips somewhere in BC. We had a great first day of diving and had shot some amazing footage of a wolf-eel and an octopus out in the open. In the evening I open up my housing to change the battery.  I do my common ritual before closing the housing and everything looks just fine. The next morning during my first dive disaster strikes. At 30ft under the ocean my camera housing is half full of seawater and my camera screaming its last death songs. All you can think of is how can I save my camera. The rational part of your mind tells you your camera is done,  The emotional part cries noooooooooo!!!

After all the talks and speeches I held while standing on my soap box of righteousness, it happened to me. You always think these idiots probably did something wrong. Playing the whole thing over and over in my head to see what I could have done different. Here my camera is lying lifeless on the kitchen table in parts like an autopsy.  I tried to save it but there was no more life left in its body. The reality sinks in and I feel so depressed.

It is time to move on with some retail therapy. I purchased a replacement camera and send my housing to the manufacturer for a refit for my new camera as Equinox will do this for its customers.

Do I still believe in what I preach? Yes and even more so now it happened to me. Be mentally prepared for the unholy flood and have your credit card handy to deal with the hurt.