A day trip to the Sunshine Coast and a dive at Tuwanek

Tuwanek is a shore dive in Sechelt BC. The dive site is at the end of a long winding road in a quiet cul-de-sac.  I have visited Tuwanek many times and it is one of my favourite shore dives in BC. The entry is easy enough. You have your pick of an island on the left, or one on the right, and a wall dive in the middle of the bay. We did the island on the right. The dive starts at a buoy where you descend. It takes about an hour to swim completely around the island. I normally start at a depth of 60 to 80 feet. It is worth going this deep to see the wall of tunicates. Tuwanek is a good place for greenlings, crabs and octopus. This time no luck on the octopus, lots of dens but nobody home.

We would have done another dive here but other plans won out. We had a quick lunch downtown Sechelt, looked around and back home again. Sechelt is a nice place to go to for a short little dive trip if you are looking for something different than the available local dive sites in Vancouver. The visibility is often better, and you will see life that is different than the usual stuff you see in Vancouver.