A Hornby Island Dive Adventure

In June we had a great loss in my family as one of our Hedgehogs “Fizzy” passed away from liver cancer. My wife was in London, England at the time and I had to deal with all of this by myself.  I needed an escape and decided to go to Hornby Island for a dive adventure. Hornby Island Diving is my home away from home. I consider the staff and Amanda and Rob my friends. They always treat me like family, and it's a great place to realign your soul.

So with Puffy (my other hedgehog) and Marcos in tow we were off to Hornby. Here we met two of our other friends Robin and Dane. On these trips you always meet interesting people. This time was no exception. As I arrived, we met Michele as she came out of the water with Amanda as they did a shore dive to get her equipment checked out. The next day we met Boyd and Robert, a freshly certified technical dive team. I had a great time talking to everybody.

As almost everybody had a camera, we had lots of interesting discussions about camera equipment. As a semi-retired TDI tech instructor, I helped Boyd and Robert with some tips and tricks and pestered the rest of the establishment with my quaint Dutch opinions. For those who know me this makes total sense.

Even though we come here to do some great diving, the dining is always something to look forward to. Not having to do the dishes is always nice; enjoying every bite you take is a plus. Desert is my favorite meal of the day, and it did not disappoint

Picture taken by Marcos Michelete

Depending on the weather during the summer months we can have some crazy blooms in this area. This time we lucked out and had great visibility.  You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you.  Marcos had an encounter with the largest Octopus he had ever seen. He was the only one that saw it. Normally I don’t believe these stories, but he had the pictures to prove it. Michele had an octopus encounter all of her own. It wanted to give her a hug, but she had a different idea about that. I am sure I heard her scream. I captured some of this encounter on Video.

We also spotted Dog and Rat Fish for the first time in some years around Hornby Island. One of the reasons we used to come to Hornby Island to try to find Six Gill Sharks. I was lucky enough to see one in 2003. The Six Gill preys on Dog Fish. I am no biologist and my statement is purely my observation, as we saw the number of Dog Fish dwindling in this area the Six Gill sightings became less.  Now we see the Dog Fish returning, maybe the Six Gill will be too. I have been coming to Hornby for almost 10 years. Just when you think you have figured it all out Nature does a 360. This is what I love about this area; you never know what to expect.