Squids, Seahorse, Turtles and a Octopus

My apologies for lacking in the blogging department, but we have been so busy. We are holding strong at 3 dives a day, but the wear and tear are starting to show on our bodies. It is well worth it because we have seen some of the coolest creatures to be found in Bonaire

Finding a seahorse in Bonaire is a treat. Their locations are kept secret because of their rarity. None of the locals will tell you where to find them. With a little scubaab charm and some dutch, one of them gave up a location. On a night dive we found it in a cave shaped coral. On to the next expedition to find some sea turtles. 

The majority of the sea turtle population on Bonaire is on the east coast. We had to take a specialy designed boat through some rough surf to go and find the turtles, and we sure did. A field of sleeping turtles! After a sea turtle has finished eating, it goes to the surface and takes one deep breath of air and finds a place on the bottom to go to sleep. They can remain there for 4 hours.

On another occasion we ran into a group of six squids during one of our dives. When they saw us,  they split into 3 groups of two. They did not really flee, they just made us swim in circles. Ten minutes later we were so exhausted that we barely made it out of the water. I bet the squids high five each other,  making those dumb humans swim in circles.

Finally, on our last night dive, we encountered the cutest octopus. It was hunting and in the beginning did not mind us being there. After about 5 minutes it had enough of the lights and the cameras and found a hole to crawl into.