Day three : Human remains, Shakespeare and Warm Beer

Bit of a rough day for me. I found out last night my beautiful Hedgehog passed away. I picked up my breakfast along the way to The British Museum. Seems like there is a sandwich, drink and fruit cup shop on every corner. I like the fancy little bag they put your purchase in. We need some in Vancouver.

I arrived at the British Museum early before they opened, and checked out the gift shop and made my game plan to go to the top floor where the Egyptian Mummies and artifacts are. The tour bus crowds pouring into the museum would probably start on the main floor. I was surprised to see real skeletons and opened mummies on display. You are allowed to take photos and I felt a little guilty taking pictures of a dead body. There were bones that had healed fractures, skulls showing teeth worn down by diet, and a full skeleton of a baby with brittle bone syndrome. The funerary objects were interesting to look at. The museum is separated into different time periods of different cultures and I really enjoyed the Roman English section.  Two treasures found by different metal detectors called the Ashwell and Hoxne hoards are displayed as well as the Lindow Man.  There is a couple of rooms of treasures from all around the world mostly jewelry and fine china. Antiques Roadshow on steroids. On the main floor I came face to face with an Easter Island Man and the Rosetta stone. There is a huge Pompeii exhibit on now, but it was closed for two days for a BBC taping. I will go back on Thursday. My favorite National Geographic Magazine is the skeleton on the front cover with the two gold rings on its finger.   I was feeling kinda hungry for something other than a sandwich and stopped into the Cafe. I had a pork chop wrapped in bacon, steamed veggies and awesome bread with big pats of butter and an orange for desert. As I was enjoying my meal, I realized it was the first time I had something other than a sandwich in three days. 

I walked back to the foreshore to do some more mudlarking in the same area I was yesterday. A university class with their history teacher was gathering objects and bringing them back to him on a tray and he would tell them what they found. I kinda hung around and learned some more about medieval and roman pottery. I asked him if I had found a marble, and he said that it was probably a stone shot! So cool. I found one more intact clay pipe and collected some of the pretty blue porcelain shards that are everywhere. Its neat to pick one up and its a little house or flower. 

I crossed the Millennium Bridge to go to the Starbucks for free wifi to skype call with Ab. I then visited the Shakespeare Globe Theater and  was pleasantly surprised that the tour would be silent when we went inside. A real rehearsal for Macbeth was in session. We filed in silently into the open air wooden seats and was amazed to see everyone in full costume practicing their lines and where they should stand and walk around while saying them. The female director would stop them, and give instructions now and then. There was a few chuckles from everyone when one servant girl had to come in and exclaim surprise during  one scene that had to be done over a few times in a row. I didn't want to leave.  Our tour guide explained that there is a trap door in the stage floor for ghosts to come up from purgatory, and from the ceiling for heaven. The stage was the earth. That everyone shares. The Globe. The world is a stage.  

The Tate gallery next door was nice for the smattering of Picasso's and Rodin sculptures. I then visited the pub across the street from my hotel, for some fish and chips with mushy peas. My first beer was a bit of a let down because I forgot that they like to drink them piss ass warm here hahah. Oh well, it went straight to my head which was a good thing. Tomorrow I visit the Tower Of London.