Day 5: Diana's funeral, Blame it on the Boogie and The Lettuce and Slug

I just walked back to my hotel drunk, no problem. My inner London compass is working nicely, too bad tomorrow is my last day.

This morning I went to Westminster Abbey first thing. Westminster has a lot of history, every King and Queen of England's coronation has been here, as well as many royal weddings including Prince William to Kate Middleton.  There are many tombs of previous kings and queens as well as a notable explorer, Charles Darwin. The tour takes about half an hour when there are no crowds. The path is set out, and you follow it to the end. Standing at the altar and realizing i'm standing in front of where Princess Diana's coffin was for her funeral was a moment for me. 

I spent the afternoon happily running into Covent Garden market and Thursday food fair. I tried a roast duck roll with mustard and rocket, and an Eaton Mess for desert. Story goes kids at Eton school dropped the meringues by accident and the desert Eton mess started. Add a bit of cream and crushed strawberries and you have a super sweet desert. I explored the many quaint shops in the market, one being a Victorian toy shop with amazing paper toys like puppet theaters and wall decorations. Another was a tobacco shop with modern day clay pipes in the window. I chatted with the guy (who was smoking) good job for that, who explained there was so many pipes on the ground back in the 15 and 16 hundreds, you would walk and hear them crunching under your feet. 

I then made my way to Chinatown to eat at a Beijing style restaurant. When I went in I said "for one" they told me to go downstairs. To a tiny basement room with low ceilings. My first thought was "oh yeah stick me down here" but the top floor was for large group  family style eating and below was for tables for groups of up to three. The room quickly filled up and I relaxed that I wan't being typecast. One Woman, husband and son came down and them woman said out loud what I first thought. She said "do we want to do this??" and the husband said "we are ok". A few minutes after sitting down, they left.  Food came down by a dumb waiter in the wall and my Beijing style pot stickers and Seafood soup was really yummy. 

The Thriller Broadway show started at 730 pm and I was surprised to see you could buy beer and bring it into the Theater. I had two before the show started when a huge school group came in and surrounded me. They were really loud and rowdy. I asked the guys behind me if they had been drinking already and they said they wished they could have beer. I found out they were visiting from Amsterdam Holland. Ha, I thought they were speaking Italian. The show was amazing, there was a live band and people were standing up and dancing like it was a real concert in the private balcony seats. The show started by the announcer saying "Please welcome to the stage The Jackson 5". Songs from Michael Jackson's career, start to finish were covered.  My favorite was Smooth Criminal, complete with the forward bending move. Blame it on the Boogie, Can You Feel It, I Cant stop loving you, Heal the world, Man in the Mirror, Thriller and Bad were some of the songs played. The cast was amazing with high energy.  There were five Michael's, one as Jackson 5 age, one who looked like Robbie Williams, a woman, and two other Michael's, early teenager and 80's Jackson. David Jordan who played 80's Michael was amazing. He looked and danced almost like him. When he did the moonwalk for the last song of Billie Jean, the theater was deafeningly loud.  

On my way back to the hotel I stopped at the Lettuce and Slug because how can you not have a beer at a pub with a name like that. People are so friendly here, they genuinely are curious where you are from. Its weird being the one with an accent, and I don't know how many times people have asked if I'm from the United States. I say "noooooooooo, I'm not American, I'm Canadian!" I also find that when I speak, people look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears. Then I realize they don`t understand me. As I made my way back, I heard a sax-a-ma-phone player playing Blame it on the Boogie and had to dance a bit and give him some change for making me happy :0 

Tomorrow for my last day I'm going to make may way out into the countryside to visit Highgate Cemetery, a Victorian gave site in the forest  with creepy gravestones that gave influence to Bram Stoker's Dracula.