the Green Force Flexi II /Heptastar Ti XPGH light system

Dive lights are important accessories that enhance your dive pleasure and safety. The cost of a good light can be high and there are so many choices. When I got the chance to get my hands on the Green Force  Flexi II /Heptastar Ti XPGH light system, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance and quality workmanship.

If you are not familiar with the Green Force, here is a brief history. Green Force is a company that has been making modular dive lights since 1999.  To figure out what Green Force system you like to own, you will start with choosing a light head with an appropriate battery pack. If you want a canister approach you can add an umbilical light cord to the system. 

A really nice feature of this modular design is that you can detach and disassemble the battery from the light head and umbilical cord. This allows you to easily pack your light system without putting stress on the umbilical cord. With most regular canister systems you don't have this luxury which means you have to be careful not to bend the umbilical cord to sharp near the light head or battery connection. The sharp bend puts excessive stress on the  umbilical cord when packing the light, resulting in failure of the cord over time. By disassembling the system you almost eliminate this issue completely.


Another pain with canister lights are that you have to open them to charge the battery which makes the flooding risk higher. The Green Force Flexi II battery system gets charged through the same connector you use to connect your light head or umbilical cord. Assembling the system before a dive is easy, you  just make sure the 3 O-ring seal is clean and apply some silicone for lubrication.

The Flexi II /Heptastar Ti XPGH system produces a 1950 lumen 10 degree light beam for about 2 hours. In the field test, I did two 50 minute dives in cold water, and it was still going strong. There is a 50% strength capability but did not test this.


The light head is surprisingly light in weight. With the goodman handle it was a little on the long side as it was pushing against my dry glove cuffs, but depending on what glove system you use, this might not be an issue for you. I solved this issue by attaching a bolt snap to the light head and hang it from a bungee around my wrist.  This way I can let the light go without dragging it on the ground and still easily reach it when needed  This is also a nice feature for photo/Videographers as you don't want to point this light on the subject you are shooting.


The only part of the system I was a little disappointed about is the tank strap and battery mounting system. In my opinion it is not to the same standards as the other  parts of the lighting system which are of high quality and well machined.

I have used many different lighting systems in my dive career. This light has checked off all the boxes on my wish list. The combination of its modular approach, underwater performance, ease of maintenance, and charging I  give it 4.5 stars out of 5. The only negative points is its mounting system,  but that is just minor details.