God's Pocket Trip Review

God's Pocket Resort

God's Pocket Resort

God’s Pocket Resort is a dive/kayak resort tugged away in a cove on Hurst Island near Port Hardy. This area is arguably the best cold water diving in the world. Life thrives here because of its currents and nutrient rich waters. I was lucky enough to spend 3 days of amazing diving in luxury at the God’s Pocket Resort.

Diving in this area is challenging because of the high currents and water temperatures. Having a great dive platform like   “The Hurst Isle”, a 40’ aluminum boat is great and relieves some of the stresses your body is under. Having an elevator to take you out of the water makes this a lot more civilized.  

Ab Exiting  The Water Using The Elivator

Yes,  I did say say elevator. The dive skiff has an elevator. Even for a 6”2 individual, it is just a matter of stepping on to a submerged platform and taking the elevator to the deck. The dive master on duty is there to assist you with your camera so you can easily walk to your seat.

 After you have strapped down your gear you are ready for the beverage and snack services. A towellet is available to remove any nasal nudibranches (divers know what I am talking about). If you need more air or nitrox for the next dive you just remove your regulator and your tank is filled right on the skiff without you having to move your gear.

Returning to the lodge after a dive is as easy as pie, you only need to hang your drysuit to dry right in front of your cabin door and your done. There is a dry room available if you got a little soggy. Rooms have a two bed configuration and are based on double occupancy. There is one cabin that has a king sized bed in it reserved for couples. Each room has its own shower and washroom. The beds are very comfy and the room I stayed in had heated floors. There are enough power outlets to charge your stuff in between dives.

Coldwater divers require lots of energy.  With 3 delicious home cooked meals a day and plenty of snacks in between you won’t go hungry. The dining room was a nice place to sit and eat, talk and laugh. After you filled your tummy you can retire to the clubhouse or any chairs on the deck to hang and brag about the treasures you found on your dives.

The Fire Pit

If you want to sit out a dive, the resort has nice hiking paths or kayaks if you feel you have to do something productive. The dive I decided to sit out I just parked myself in a chair and watched the world pass by in the form of eagles, ducks, a crow and an army of humming birds. I felt the worldly stress just melt away.

Humming Birds

Most dive operators in this area have different names for different dives, but here is a list of the dives I did.

  • Snowfall
  • 7 Tree
  • Hoodie noodie
  • Toy Boy Wall
  • Ruth Rocks
  • Browning Wall
  • Hussar Point

As usual there was so much to see that it is a little overwhelming. It always takes me a couple of dives to get my eyes calibrated for optimum performance. The invertebrate life is so overwhelming that it is hard not to be impressed with the plethora of different species. As usual, I did see some critters I had never seen before, such as hooded nudibranches.

Going on these types of trips you always meet a lot of great people. Most divers are made of the same material (crazy stuff). This time it was no different. Even though I normally bring a healthy scoop of crazy to the table, I think I was out shined by a few individuals. You know who I am talking about

I would like to thank the staff  and my extended dive buddies for making this a wonderful trip, and a learning experience.

Our Dive Buddies

Our Dive Buddies