Tuwanek is a little community near Sechelt BC, about 80 km from Vancouver.  Even with the relative closeness to Vancouver, your travel time is about two and half hours, due to the Horseshoe bay to Langdale ferry ride.

Between 1930 and 1950 Tuwanek was a holiday retreat. You could only reach it by steamboats in those days. The old Irvine House was run by Dr. Irvine, and he rented cottages which were located on the seaside. With the outbreak of polio in the 40’s and 50’s, retreats like these closed as people stayed away. Today the old Irvine house is no longer there, but you can still rent cabins or stay in the Tuwanek Beach Hotel. It is a beautiful area for a romantic retreat. 

If you are there to do some diving, parking is limited. Be respectful as it is a quiet community. There is a porta potty and a place to put your garbage. A picnic table gives you a place to have lunch or an easy place to don your gear. Be aware of the crows. They have seen divers before and are not afraid to go into your bag to look for food. 

 Tuwanek has 3 dive sites that have easy shore access. There can be boat traffic. I have never had any issue with strong currents. The only thing to consider is depth. Although you don't need to go deep there is the possibility to do so.

 (1) The Island on the right. This is relative shallow dive. You can go deep, but most of the dive is above 40ft. On the tip of the island furthest away from land you can find a kelp forest. While swimming around the island keep a lookout for hooded nudibranchs. 

(2) The Island on the left: this dive starts deep as you descend down the dive float. It will take you to about 60-80ft.. Keeping the wall on your left you slowly come shallower and see a lot of different type of life.   On this site you can always find Tunicates, Painted Greenlings, Starfish,Rock Fish, and many different types of crabs.  Keep your eye open for octopus dens. We always see at least one occupied one. 

(3) Is a wall that runs the edge of the bay. It can go deep, up to 150ft. If you are qualified to go that deep you will see sea whips on the sandy bottom. Look in the cracks for octopus. The life is much like dive 2 ut the wall has an interesting look to it