What Goes in a Travel Save A dive Kit

Scuba trips are a lot of fun. Especial if you travel to foreign destinations. The problem with air travel is that you have to be aware how much stuff you bring. Still you have to be prepared for equipment failure that can occur during these trips. I will show you what you need to put in a  travel save a dive kit to solve most problems.    

Here is my list of items that I put in my save a dive kit. My wife always adds a set of contact lenses and some seasick medication. You can customize it as you see fit but the goal is to keep it small, light and portable. 

Content of the Save A Dive Kit

  • O rings: 4 low pressure, 2 High pressure, 2 SPG spool, 1 din, and one yoke tank o-ring.
  • Tools: 2 adjustable wrenches, air nozzle, scuba tool, dental pick, nail clippers
  • Odds and ends: bungee cord, zap straps, electricians tape, silicone tape (rescue tape), bicycle
  • Bicycle Inner tube
  • Straps: Mares or similar fin buckle and strap ensemble, Mask strap that fits your mask
  • Batteries: Replacement batteries for your gear
  • A regulator mouth piece
  • Scissors
  • A note book and pen in a Ziploc bag

Support your local scuba shop or hardware store and purchase the items from them. If there is none in your area or they don’t have what you are looking for, I also included the links for some harder to find items so you can purchase them online.